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General Motors

I do no like GM cars.  When I told my wife I was considering an investment in GM, she told me I was crazy.  She does not know, but she drives a GM (Buick) that she loves.  I hate it.

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2 years later

How do I start? It’s been 2 years since my last post. I’ve ride a rollercoster for the last 2 years. I’ve taken confidence in 2014 with returns over 40% and found out in 2015 that confidence is not a

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LACO : a tale of hidden assets

Hey, it has been a while since my last write-up. I’m following my stocks and making few investments here and there but I’ve been lazy on this blog. I thought new development at Lakes needed attentions. Evitts It is now

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Summer times

Has you’ve probably noticed. Summer is beating the hell out of this blog. Anyhow, here are quick updates on the stocks previously discussed here. Lakes Entertainment RockyGap deal fell flat but isn’t dead and less risky. Financials are coming out

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Fortress paper – workers are back

A news just got out on reuters. Construction workers are back.

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Portfolio update

For your information, stock portfolio and portfolio performance pages are updated.

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