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Urbana corporation

Just has a followup note, Urbana corporation net asset value is now 1.81 per share. Marketable securities compose 80% of this value or 1.44 per share compared to current price of 1.10 per share a 30% discount! Disclosure : Author

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Urbana Corporation – buybacks followup.

Week Shares Bought back 2011-08-26 67 011 100 2011-09-02 66 851 300 159 800 2011-09-09 66 651 300 200 000 2011-09-16 66 650 300 1 000 2011-09-23 66 487 600 162 700 2011-09-30 66 378 600 109 000 2011-10-07 66

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Urbana shareholders vs Tom Caldwell CEO!

Quote from… While CEO Tom Caldwell did take the time to write a thoughtful response, shareholders should be mostly disappointed with its essence. Caldwell makes it clear that he doesn’t want to shrink the company’s capital base: “We do

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Urbana and TMX united in destiny!

Yesterday the board of directors of TMX Group approuved the purchase of TMX market by a group of canadian banks named “Maple”.  This official bid is at 50$ a share while current price is around 42.  Urbana Corporation is owner

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Urbana Corporation – buy back frenzy!

August 26th, Urbana corporation announced a buyback on their shares up to 6.6 million shares or almost 10% of the available non-voting class A shares.  Hopefully, URB reports net asset value per share weekly on their website.  You may find

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Urbana Corporation – massive discount!

Urbana Corporation was previously discussed on this site (here). This week URB announced a Share buyback plan to buyback up to 10% of all publicly traded shares and confirmed that they bought back 99% of the previously approved buyback program. 

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Urbana Corp (TSE:URB / URB.A)

I previously discussed about Urbana Corp. on this website.  It is a great net/net investment.  The current portfolio is comprised of alot of publicly traded shares like NYSE shares. Last week, OMX corporation made an hostile takeover bid over the

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