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Tellza Communications inc.

One canadian blogger I really love to follow is Saj Karsan. I personally do not like all his ideas, but some of them gave me good hints about great companies. He is now a Seeking Alpha blogger (I assume he

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HNZ group

As I previously said in march, I’ve liquidated my position in the helicopter Transportation group HNZ in march. Since then, the company price dropped like a rock in a pond from 34 to 20. My lowest estimate of eps were

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Fortress hit 52 week low

Long story short, everything that could go bad went bad. Company is now burning throught cash, taking debt, talking about buying more and more mills and the market price for DP is dropping like a rock in a no-bottom pool.

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The tree or the forest?

If you read this blog in the last years, you’ve probably noticed how much I like Fortress paper and it’s manager Chad. In the last year and a half, FTP share value dropped from 54$ (top) to the current 20$

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Urbana corporation

Just has a followup note, Urbana corporation net asset value is now 1.81 per share. Marketable securities compose 80% of this value or 1.44 per share compared to current price of 1.10 per share a 30% discount! Disclosure : Author

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Canadian Helicopters – earning and price increase

This week CHL reported major earning increases. The reported earnings were in line with our estimates. Our target valuation was from 31 to 41 per share. With recent news, the price went up to 31 (at the time of writing

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Pulse – a major sale!

Pulse seismic is on board in my portfolio for a while now. The shares have moved up and down in the past months so I was pleased to read this news release this morning from PSD. CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – March

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