Vicon Industries

On my previous article on VII (link here) I linked to famous bloggers Frank Voisin and Barel Karsan.  They talked about catalysts to unlock current value.  One activist named was Anita Zucker (widow of Jerry Zucker, owner of the Hudson’s Bay Company of Canada).  It was stated that she owned more than 10% of the company and had been increasing her stake.

This idea came throught yesterday has the board of director named Mr. Tiedemann to the board of directors.  At 47, he is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Inter Tech Group, a holding company and operator of a diverse global group of companies. Mr. Tiedemann has previously served on the board of directors of Hudson’s Bay Company, a multi-billion dollar Canadian national retailer.

He’s Anita’s man there to shake current directors.

Let’s cross our fingers he’ll shake them good.

Disclosure: Author has a position in VII.

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