Vicon Industries, Inc. (VII)

Vicon Industries is not a growth investment. It actually is a “we hope they stop the bleeding and distribute the cash” investment.

I didn’t had the time to correctly analyse this investment so I will give you the following links for you to make your diligence. I’m currently fully invested so I’m not really digging into new investments. I had a minimum amount available and tried to give it a first shot on VII before analysing deeply the stock. On further analysis I may liquidate another position and invest massively in this stock.

I’ll keep you posted.

Here are the links:

Barel Karsan analysis on VII when the stock price was higher than it is now.

Frank Voisin first and second analysis on VII.

Disclosure : Author have a position in VII.

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2 comments on “Vicon Industries, Inc. (VII)
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