Urbana Corp (TSE:URB / URB.A)

I previously discussed about Urbana Corp. on this website.  It is a great net/net investment.  The current portfolio is comprised of alot of publicly traded shares like NYSE shares.

Last week, OMX corporation made an hostile takeover bid over the NYSE shares.  Urbana currently carries over 1.8M shares of NYSE in its books.  With the current bid taken into accounts, net current asset value is evaluated at 2.23$ per share !

Urbana corp is now trading around 1.5-1.6 under URB ticker.  This ticker have a minimum volume but the shares are also quoted under URB.A stock ticker which have alot more volume than URB.  Over and above, URB.A is trading between 1.3 and 1.5! 

Anyhow, at a price of 1.5, you get a 30% discount on net asset value of Urbana Corp and all shares hold by them.  It is like buying international stock exchanges shares at 30% discount.  You get all the upside (60%) for about no downside.

Disclosure : Author has a position in URB & URB.A.   No position in NYSE except by Urbana corp.  No position in OMX.

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