Portfolio update

For those of you following my portfolio, I’ve updated the Portfolio history and Stock Portfolio pages.

Here are my current positions…

BRK.B 3%
CAM 7%
FTP 13%
GENC 18%
URB 2%
PSD 17%
BBY 13%
BLZ 3%

URB: I’m trying to updrade my position in URB but cannot find sellers.
CAM: I’m close to selling point.  May reduce position soon.
BBY:  I like BBY gain % is lower than newly found stocks (PSD, BLZ, URB).  I may reduce position in future.
NRF-PR-B: Sold position.   Dividend was still interesting (around 7%) but highly profitable opportunity required cash.
FTP: plan profit and upgrades under way are showing expected results.  Target still in 70-90$ range.
JCTCF: Price raised alot since original analysis.  I wait and see.  Still 30-40% upside.  May reduce position in 11-12$ range.
GENC: A new highway bill would be a great catalyst for GENC.  Until then, downside is well protected with market cap in cash/equity.
PSD: My hot stock now with gain between 150-300% in 1 year.  I may increase position again.
BRK: I keep a small position in it just because it is BRK and the king is still alive and hunting.
BLZ: I rarely gamble but this one is a gamble.  I’ll see it coming throught with 100% gain or 10-25% lost.

Annualised gain since 2008 is clocked in at 29.6% if current year was closed today.


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One comment on “Portfolio update
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